Packaged Power Units

Packaged Power Units Generators

The  Containerised Package Power Units (PPU) are custom built at the biggest container manufacturer in the world to our exacting standards. These containers carry a Lloyds of London CSC safety approval. We use these container solutions for rugged deployment as well as when size becomes an issue with larger machines needed to be housed in canopies. These 20ft and 40ft shipping containers are used in normal and high cube on the 40ft. The  PPU containers are equipped with MTU, Kamatsu and Cummins Engines diesel generators and housed inside the container. The ease of use once the electric power generators are installed makes this the idea model for rapid deployment of multiple MW to site for temporary or permanent installations.


The container is structurally reinforced with two i-beams in the floor to support the weight of the diesel or gas generator. The diesel engine and alternator as well as the generator control is all mounted inside the container.  This allows for complete mobility of the generator. With all the necessary equipment inside one container.

The walls are insulated with perforated noise reduction cladding giving the canopy a noise level of 65 dba @ 1m depending on the exhaust configuration.

The power generators cooling system (radiator) is cowled and vented through sound attenuated louvers fitted to the container doors. These louvers can be upgraded to have motorised open and shutting control. There are also design where table type radiators are fitted and the heat is vented through a roof mounted louver dependent on requirements. Table type radiator system can also be used.


The exhaust can be housed internally or externally depending on the requirements and size consideration. The silencers if mounted externally are shipped inside the container when moving the unit and requires very little installation at final destination.


If size allows internal diesel tanks can be included in the container. The container also has all the connection for external diesel tanks and service ducts required for easy access to the generator for maintenance. The electrical cabling is also connected through service hatches in the Container as sown below. The generator breaker is housed internally and the cable termination is easily accessible to connect up directly to the breakers or buss bars. The generator can also house (if space allows) the Automatic Mains Failure or change over equipment (AMF/ATS).  There is adequate space for generator load cables to be connected to the buss bars of the generator.


One of the biggest safety features is the new internal quick release door  that insures that if trapped inside the quick release will open the door from the inside.


If Natural gas generators are fitted to the canopy then all the combined heat and power (CHP) recovery equipment can be housed inside the container. This CHP equipment can be protected and get the optimum heat exchange being close to the main heat source the Generator and Exhaust system. The external consumer of the CHP as well as the return, is connected through flanges mounted on the side of the container for ease of access and connectability.


With the minimum of effort the PPU can be loaded on trucks and deployed around the world. With the shipping container principal being used it is able to be transported around the world. As seen below with two mobile truck cranes the 40ft container is loaded onto a flatbed horse and trailer truck and transported to wherever it is needed.